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Homeowner’s Insurance Can Pay for Damage Done to Your Home

Believe it or not, homeowners don’t utilize their insurance to the utmost. Some didn’t know that homeowners insurance can and will cover hail, wind or tree damage done to your roofing, siding, windows and/ or gutters.

Others believe that if they file a claim they will face repercussions from their insurance provider like car insurance. This simply isn’t true. Taking care of your home helps to prevent larger claims later down the line, which serves to benefit both the homeowner and their insurance provider. A leaky roof will lead to interior damage such as peeling paint, mold or rot and this is only one example of how small damages only increase in size over time. Being proactive with necessary home renovations only helps to serve all those involved with the home.
storm damage from fallen tree on roof

Insurance Claims Can be a Burden

Now, even though filing a homeowner's insurance claim doesn’t have the same repercussions as a car insurance claim, doesn’t mean the process is any easier. Even if your claim is approved, you may not get the full value of the replacement cost. On occasion, insurers may even need to get your mortgage lender involved. As a homeowner, hopefully you rarely have to file insurance claims, and although this is a good thing, it doesn’t give you much experience in dealing with the claims process.
man filing home insurance claim

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Let T&G Enterprise Guide You Through the Process

Here at T&G not only do we lead you through the claims process one step at a time but if you have any questions one of our representatives is always available to answer those questions. We frequently meet with insurance adjusters just to help make sure you and your home are properly represented.

On top of everything, T&G is actually a homeowner’s insurance provider’s preferred vendor. What that means is that insurance agencies know and trust us and our work. When dealing with someone unlicensed and uninsured, it can steer insurance adjusters in the wrong direction because there is a lot more risk involved. This may make them less inclined to cover more of the work needed for your home. Contact us for more information.

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